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"It is difficult to think of any consumer products (laptops, washing machines) or art forms (novels, paintings) that are not received and analyzed by a well-established critical audience. Curiously, fragrance is not one of them. When fragrances launch, one does not read reviews in all of the major newspapers and consumer Web sites as one would in the case of a television show or electronic device. Aside from three high-profile critics (off the top of my head), there is virtually no mainstream, professional criticism being written about scent. In the Web 2.0 age, that void has been inevitably filled by genuine, independent fragrance lovers—whatever the quality of their critical chops. Fragrance-centric blogs can run the gamut from sub-literate meanderings to gorgeously written and well-informed discussions of the power and beauty of fragrance. Perhaps some of my colleagues would argue which ones are which."

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Anonymous said...

I have read hundreds of comments on how Tova Signature Perfume does not smell the same and does not last. It is as if someone has created a smells like the original perfume that really does not compare. There are actual bidding wars going on for one bottle that is being sold of the original Signature scent. Changing the bottle does not change the scent. Somewhere along the line of the creation the oils are weak or maybe the factory that is being used is cutting corners by weakening the oils before they are mixed. Whatever the case is, I can 100% say along with the millions of other people "It is not the same.!! Tova, if it is a question of checking on the bottler or the factory or even if you want to raise the price. Just do it !! I would gladly pay a higher price to get that same smell back...... Because did not matter where I was someone always stopped me dead in my tracks to ask, "What's the name of the perfume you are wearing and where can I buy it". I would gladly tell them because I wanted everyone to share in the delight of your Tova Signature Scent.........
I beg you please do some investigating and find out why so many people are saying this or just raise the price to us all want we want.

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