Tova eau de parfum

Tova Beverly Hills

Where can I buy the original Tova?! People are drawn to it for its fresh and clean smell with staying power. The fragrance notes keep everything smooth and alluring. I love its subtle yet distinctive aroma and would like to purchase some for myself, as it has become my signature fragrance as well. I get more compliments when I wear it compared to others.

Apparently, the formulation has changed, which is quite noticeable for people who have been using the product for years. Sadly, some even suggests that it now smells like insect replant. Many are furious and disappointed with the change and are wondering if the fragrance will ever be the same. QVC may be saving some money for now, but this will be costly in the long run. I'm sure there are remaining original bottles on sale in ebay, though I'm wary of imitations and fraudulent sellers elsewhere.

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