China Musk

Tova is still softer and sweeter, but I've heard positive things about China Musk. It smells very close to Tova ingredients. Get it from or to try the roll-on oil or the spray.


Anonymous said...

Is this story (scroll down from Gary Halbert true about how TOVA got started?

Anonymous said...

China musk is good - but it really doesn't compare. I WAS a loyal TOVA Signature customer for years and after it all went down hill tried China Musk. Some of the scent is there, doesn't last as long and even getting the oil as a perfume spray just doesn't give you that 'aura' of great smell that the old Tova Signature did. I've never received a compliment since wearing China Musk from time to time.

It blows my mind with the unanimous reviews about "old" Tova vs. newer versions or replacements that TOVA or if she is no longer involved in that capacity QVC would want to replicate the old formula knowing there is obviously a huge loyal following just waiting for the old product. Seems like a no brainer to me. What is going on? This has been years already since they made the change. So sad. :(

alicia of san jose,ca said...

Tried the TOVA original and was hooked. So sad that it might be gone for good and TOVA won't manufacture it again in the original formula. The closest substitute I have ever tried was "china musk" from The Fragrance Shop. Go to to place an order. Try a sample if you must. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I too was a long time wearer of the original TOVA. I started wearing it in 1992. It was the only fragrance my sons ever smelled on me. Even our dog would lie on the spot in my bedroom where I stood to spray it on! My youngest son was playing with him one day and said "Mom, Zeke smells like TOVA!

It's not the same anymore, and never will be I am afraid. Whether it's QVC or the recent bans on some perfume ingredients, it's just gone. I tried China Musk, and it's nice but not the same. I've found a dupe from Pittsburgh Street Soap Works is as close as I have found. It's a bit musky at first, but once it dries down, it's 99% TOVA in my opinion. I did read one blogger who said she didn't care for it, put it away, then a few months later found it and said it was much better. Tova 'aged' her fragrance for about 4 months. I'm going to give that a try with the bottle I bought from them. (If I can leave it alone for that long!) Give Pittsburgh Street Soap Works a try.

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